VCO Mouth Freshener (PATENTED)

Nature’s Gift ® VCO Mouth Freshener or Mouth Spray is our patented invention that has helped many people both locally and internationally. It is a combination of virgin coconut oil and menthol which provides various health benefits and also provides great relief of symptoms such as sore/itchy/dry throat, painful aphthous ulcers (singaw), and may prevent bacterial/viral buildup in the throat or mouth.


This is definitely a must-have in every person’s pocket for possible prevention and treatment of microbial and viral diseases. What’s better is that this is NOT a medicine, so no need to worry about getting an overdose, spray as much as needed! Absolutely ZERO chemicals, preservatives, and medicinal compounds, this product is ALL-NATURAL.


  • Relieves sore and dry throat
  • Relieves pain when sprayed onto an aphthous ulcer (singaw)
  • Reduces plaque-causing bacteria
  • Strengthens and whitens teeth
  • Instantly freshens breath
  • Kills certain bacteria and viruses found in the mouth and throat


* Our mouth freshener has not been clinically tested for treatment of specific illnesses, but 99% of the content is VCO, which has countless studies on its wide range of benefits. VCO has been shown to have the same efficacy as chlorhexidine (a staple ingredient in many brands of mouthwash and disinfectants) in reduction of Streptococcus mutans bacteria in the mouth in human studies.


Link to human clinical trial:

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