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Tropicana Food Products, Inc. (TFPI) was founded in 1975 at the heart of “Coconut City” – San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines – by a family who had been in the copra business.


Since then, TFPI has diversified into producing more premium coconut products, such as pioneering Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) production in 1985. We have been a major supplier of many VCO brands both locally and internationally.


We provide organic and all-natural products that are beneficial not only for the health, but also for everyday needs. We follow global quality standards as evidenced by us being recognized by international certifying bodies such as HACCP-TUV, CERES, and many others.


We are the manufacturers of the first USDA (US Department of Agriculture Organic), EU (European Union Organic), and JAS (Japanese Agricultural Organic Standard) organic premium coconut cooking oil in Philippine supermarkets.


Our organic MCT Oil is the ONLY organic certified MCT Oil in the Philippines.


Our organic coconut cream powder  is a unique alternative to the traditional coconut cream powder and is suitable for vegan eaters.


Our patented mouth freshener (mouth/throat spray) and nasal spray have garnered a huge crowd of interest especially in recent times for effectively relieving symptoms of sore throat, aphthous (mouth) ulcers, and runny nose, among others.


Our products are all GMO-free and we are patronized by discriminating foreign markets in the USA, Europe, Australia, Asia, and more. In China, we are consistently one of the top sellers of coconut products in Alibaba.


We believe in the health benefits of coconuts as evidenced by many scientific studies, and we would love to introduce these benefits to the whole world as well.

About Coconut King
Tropicana Food Products Inc

Our Brands

Products under Coconut King:

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic Premium Coconut Cooking Oil

Organic MCT Oil

Coconut Cream/Milk Powder

Choco MCT Bar


Products under Nature’s Gift:

Virgin Coconut Oil

MCT 8 Oil

Liquid/Winterized VCO

VCO Mouth Freshener

VCO Nasal Spray

VCO Laurixin Skin Ointment

VCO Soap

VCO Soap with Kojic Acid (for whitening)

VCO Lotion

VCO Lip Balm

Available Certifications: