VCO Nasal Spray (PATENTED)


Nature’s Gift ® VCO Nasal Spray is our patented invention that has helped many people both locally and internationally. It is a combination of virgin coconut oil and menthol which provides various health benefits and provides great immediate relief for congested or runny nose. It may also prevent bacterial/viral buildup inside the nasal area.


This is definitely a must-have in every person’s pocket for possible prevention and treatment of microbial and viral diseases. What’s better is that this is NOT a medicine, so no need to worry about getting an overdose, spray as much as needed! Absolutely ZERO chemicals, preservatives, and medicinal compounds, this product is ALL-NATURAL.


  • Gives quick relief for stuffy or congested nose
  • Helps relieve dryness of the nasal cavity
  • Reduces certain bacteria and viruses in the nose
  • Helps lessen sensitivity of the nose to allergens
  • May nourish the nasal cavity as well


* Our nasal spray has not been clinically tested for treatment of specific illnesses, but 99% of the content is VCO, which has countless studies on its wide range of benefits.

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