Coconut Cream Powder

Our Coconut King ® coconut milk powder (CMP) is the powdered version of liquid coconut cream/milk. It is made from the freshest selection of coconuts using spray-drying and agglomeration technology to produce a very soluble and aromatic CMP.


A favorite ingredient in many Filipino/Singaporean/Asian dishes, CMP is famous in many kitchens worldwide, and is a source of pride for Filipino people.


This product contains a small amount of dairy ingredient. 


ALSO AVAILABLE: our increasingly popular organic CMP which is suitable for vegans.

50g, 100g, 200g, 1kg, 15kg
Available Sizes
Coconut King Cream Powder 50g


Coconut King Cream Powder 100g


Coconut King Cream Powder 200g


Coconut King Cream Powder 1kg


Coconut King Cream Powder 15kg


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